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How did I get here and how did this business start?

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About me


Glenn Anderson




I’ve been online since 1999 thanks to my father who was learning to code for the Queensland Government.  Employed by the government as a surveyor at the time, this certainly was not in his job description. When the opportunity came up to learn how to build and integrate online systems he jumped at the opportunity and built the foundations of some of the Australian Government websites that are still active today.  


During his time as a government coder, I watched eagerly as a teenager in awe of this new language and what he was able to do with it.  It wasn’t long before I was asking for lessons and soon after that, at the age of 15, I had my first website online. It was a simple site about mountain bike trails around Brisbane, which sadly doesn’t exist anymore. 


Years went by and I always maintained web design as a hobby while I pursue my dreams of becoming a sailboat captain, which I achieved many years ago by the way.  Though building websites has always been my hobby or addiction if you ask my girlfriend. To this date I have built exactly 273 websites. Some for myself, some for friends and the rest for paying clients.


How this business was born


I’m always keeping up to date with Google press releases and the big players in SEO and as a result of which, I’m always building a website for something.  In early 2015 I noticed the cost of a professionally built website was skyrocketing even though companies like Weebly and Wix were releasing drag and drop web design platforms.  These platforms are designed to be so simple that anyone can do it, and they are to be honest. If you can work a mouse then you can build your own website.


Unfortunately, these editors are still quite expensive and lack several key features that are required for making your website successful.  So I decided to look into what exactly it is that the majority of people were wanting from a website and found out that the large majority of business websites were nothing more than a 2-5 page brochure.


Then reality set in….. These people were paying $2000 - $4000 per year for these simple websites that I could put together in an afternoon.  I had to find out why people were willing to pay so much for something so simple so I started emailing them. The overwhelming response was, ‘I just wanted someone to do it for me’.


So even with the drag and drop platforms available, nobody wanted to try it themselves.  One lady came back to me and said she priced up doing it herself and found that Weebly at the time was over $700/year, so she bit the bullet and just paid more to avoid the hassle.


Another common reason I received was that it was tax deductible, now this made more sense to me.  So I investigated how much you could claim back from a website. 30%. Yep, only 30%, so it’s still expensive to have a website in reality.


So I got thinking about how I could produce the perfect brochure style website while keeping costs down and came up with the Ad network placement idea.  We are used to seeing ads everywhere these days, so most people don’t mind a couple of ads on their website.  


The idea was launched in July 2017 and has since resulted in me building 185 client websites connected to my ad network.  In this time I have only had one client request to upgrade their site to the professional package, which is just a couple of clicks and no problem at all.  All of the other websites are happily ticking along sitting right up the top of the google search results and collectively bringing in hundreds of thousands of new customers per month.


My plan for the future is to hire more staff to help with the increasing workload and continue to adapt and ensure all the websites built by my team sit in the #1 ranking forever.


I certainly hope you want to join our community.

Kind regards,

Glenn Anderson


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