Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of ads will be displayed on my website?


We use premium ad providers which only display PG rated, child friendly ads.


How long will my website take to launch?


We can normally have your website live within 3 days.


How long will it take to rank #1 on Google?


This depends on your competition and the effort you put into sharing your website and linking it to business listings on True Local, Yellow Pages, Google Business and other places.  We expect your website to hit #1 within 3 months


Does Fnq Web Design do social media work?


No, social media is totally up to you.  We will integrate your Instagram and Facebook pages to your website and install quick easy sharing options the same as the one on this site, though all social media posts are up to you.


Can I upgrade to no ads?


Sure, anytime you like.  Just pay the difference and we will remove the ads within 48 hours.


Will Fnq Web Design help me build my own website?


We are currently working on a course which should simplify the process of building your own website, though at this stage it is not available.


Does Fnq Web Design have other templates?


This one took us 3 years to master and is more or less perfect.  We are currently working on a second one.


Why do we use Gmail?


Gmail is easy to use and easier for your customers to remember. It's also free, which keeps costs down.


How fast will my website be?


According to Google Page Speed Insights,

We average 70/100 on mobile - Internet average is 40/100

We average 89/100 on desktop - Internet average is 60/100


How many pages can your website have?


Our standard template is 5 pages, but if you need more, we can discuss adding some.


Do we integrate an online store?


Sorry, not at this stage.  This is an online brochure which is designed to get you phone calls, emails and physical store visits.